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Is the Classic White Kitchen Still in Style?

Classic White Kitchen 1

Are white kitchens still in style?

Just the other day, Lisa M. Smith’s, The Decor Girl Blog, husband asked the same question. Lisa replied, “Honey, a good white kitchen never goes out of style. My only disclaimer is with some of the pebble finish thermafoil cabinets from the 1980′s – they can look tired.” and proceeded to show off some stylish white kitchens which included a couple of Titus Built kitchens. Below are photos of white kitchens created for Titus Built clients’ lifestyle:


Classic White Kitchen 3

Classic white kitchen with beadboard and vintage style drawer pulls.

Laundry Room Hidden in Kitchen Cabinets(2)

Hidden washer & dryer unit in the kitchen – Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

Classic White Kitchen 5Curved marble backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom adds a level of elegance to the room.

Classic White Kitchen 6

Columns with archway between serving counter and dining room add a touch of elegance and enhances the spacious feeling of the kitchen.

Classic White Kitchen 8Adding a desk to your kitchen creates organization and functuality. Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

Classic White Kitchen 96 burner with griddle commercial ranges continue to be a trend for the kitchen.

We are honored to be included in Lisa’s blog. Below is a link to her recent blog on The Classic White Kitchen: