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Design Concept Challenge: Warmer Look to Cathedral Ceiling than Drywall

Tongue & Groove Painted Pine Ceiling
Our clients has 3 growing boys and 1 good sized dog and were finding their existing space to be too confining. We were hired to add a family room addition to a modestly sized 4 bedroom colonial in Ridgefield, CT. They indicated they’d like a warmer look to their cathedral ceiling than the stark appearance offered by drywall. We referred to our photo gallery of past jobs for alternatives that might fit the bill.

T&G Painted Pine Ceiling 2

We had achieved excellent results and very favorable response from clients and architects using painted tongue & groove pine with 1 key detail added. As we were using center-match T&G stock, we wanted to avoid the inevitable inconsistent gapping that would occur as the material dried over time.

T&G Painting Pine Ceiling 3

We ran our 16 foot T&G stock through our table saw and removed about 1/8” on the groove side along its length. Doing this insures that when each length is butted up to the adjacent length, the tongue will bottom out in the groove and the finished ceiling will align with a consistent 1/8” spacing between boards. 1/8” is too large a gap for paint to bridge it, so when painted, the ceiling yields a continuous, finished look which doesn’t vary visibly with climate generated material expansion and contraction. Result was spectacular!

T&G Painted Ceiling 4

The construction progress of this Ridgefield Family Room Addition can be seen on 2 previous Titus Built posts.  http://bit.ly/haQ0Cv