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Home Renovation

Simplified, with beautiful results.

Quality Home RenovationS

Our integrated design-build approach to your project will have you enjoying the results in less time, with less stress and with better return on investment than the typical bid-build method.

Less time?

Yes, we can phase construction while final detailed design documents are being completed. In a traditional bid-build project, you wait for final documents from the architect before starting the contractor bidding process. Because we price as we design, you will know your project cost quickly and with your sign-off, we get moving! And seamless communication within our comprehensive team keeps the project moving forward without delays.

A seamless process with Titus Built - from initial sketch to final plans and build through, including finishing touches like paint and lighting.

A seamless process with Titus Built - from initial sketch to final plans and build through, including finishing touches like paint and lighting.


Less stress?

Many of our clients have actually said they enjoyed the renovation process with Titus Built. There is only one firm to talk to about changes and only one call to make if issues arise. Moreover, we specialize in home remodeling and truly understand the nuances of owner-occupied construction. With a project manager on-site and trade teams we trust in our own homes, you will know your home is in expert hands.


Did you know that a typical $250k project:

Can require thousands of decisions regarding design, planning and production?

Can require coordinating up to 30 trades, supply vendors and town officials?

Can utilize over 100 individuals to work on the job site during the project duration?



Better ROI?

An independent architect designs your project to look great, while the cost and construction-ease are often secondary. An independent engineer focuses on site approval, not necessarily the expense and efficiency of the design. With these functions in house and 25 years of experience in building what we design, Titus Built knows what works. Capitalizing on efficiencies, personalizing details and maintaining budgets, Titus Built delivers highly customized, award-winning projects.

Our signature service—comprehensive in-house cabinetry design and fabrication—gives us the flexibility and control to create your dream space. Cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, mud and laundry rooms along with any other project specific built-ins (or furniture) are custom-made in our workshop. A personal, collaborative design process allows for creative outcomes customized to your needs and style.

Building Clients for Life

Our goal is your complete satisfaction; to become the trusted firm for all of your home renovation and design needs.

  • Project Planning: feasibility, budgeting and value engineering

  • Architectural Design

  • Comprehensive Construction Services

  • In-house Custom Cabinetry Shop

  • Interior Design

  • Construction Management

  • Property Management

During or subsequent to your project, please know that our property management team is available to you. Out-of-town services, storm checks, routine maintenance and repair services—contact us anytime.