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Should We Stay in Our Home and Renovate/Add On or … Should We Move?

Kitchen Remodeling

How to determine what makes sense for your family.

Before making the decision to renovate your existing home or move, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you like the town you live in?
  • Do you like your property and your neighbors?
  • Is your property expandable?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, then you need not give remodeling another thought!

On the other hand, if you answer “yes” to the questions above then you still must consider the following:

The Selling Cycle: During the selling process your home must always be kept clean and tidy for potential viewings. In today’s economy it is taking an average of four months to sell a home in Fairfield County.

Moving Before You Sell: If you move and sell your home after relocating to your new home, potential buyers will believe that if you hold onto your old home long enough the stress factor will come into play. This increases the chance that you will receive lower offers on your home.

Unexpected Upgrade Costs: When upgrading your home and moving to a new location, you must consider the higher costs. A larger home also means bigger utility bills, homeowner’s insurance premiums and so forth. That lawn that used to cost you $100/week to maintain now costs much more. Do your homework and get estimates on these additional costs prior to purchasing your new home. We have heard from many homeowners who were taken by surprise when their Landscape Contractors gave them the estimate for their new property!

Related Fees: Real estate commissions, closing and moving costs will typically be 10% or more of your selling price.

Moving Costs and Headaches: Once you sell your home you have to pack up your belongings and move. The new home will be filled with boxes to unpack and redecorate.

Redecorating Expenses: Unless your home is custom built, you will also need to paint and refurbish your new home. Perhaps those drapes and blinds that fit so nicely in your old home no longer suit the new house. Sometimes, although the previous owners thought their taste was exquisite, you don’t share the same aesthetic.

Family Issues: If children are involved, they must be uprooted and transferred to a new neighborhood. Most children are quite resilient and able to cope with the transition smoothly, but this is obviously an important factor in a family’s decision to move.

If you are considering a move, don’t hesitate to call us before buying your new home. A Pre-purchase Consultation and Renovation Feasibility Analysis will help you visualize the renovation prior to purchase.

At Titus Built, we are able to transform your thoughts and ideas into reality. Your home will be designed to enhance your lifestyle with new technology, re-purposed rooms, and built-ins added to minimize your footprint in a clutter-free environment.   


Fairfield County, CT Realtor Buzz: Split-level & raised ranch homes are selling!

split level home before - after

The economic downturn has been felt by many Fairfield County homeowners. Split-level and raised ranch homes offer more square footage than other styles of homes for the money. And, per the local realtors’ buzz, these once less desired homes are making a comeback with their clients.

Titus Built, LLC has been providing architectural design and remodeling services to the Fairfield County community for over fifteen years. Split-levels are just one style of the many homes we have transformed. Thought you’d like to see some photos of one of our split-level, design-build remodels:

pic 76
pic 78a
pic 64

Split-level goes modern on OLDHOUSEonline with “a house built in 1958 by the Modernist architect Edward James, which recalls the philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright—author of The Natural House and the architect whose career spanned from the Prairie School of the Arts & Crafts era into International Style and Modern design… With main rooms a story above grade, this split-level house gives the impression of living in a glorious tree house.” Click here to preview this modern split-level renovation .

Another great article:   4 reasons people hate split-levels – and how to fix ‘em

“Splits soared in popularity during the 1970s, when modest-priced lots called for modest homes that made the most of limited square footage. Today, they can be salvaged to fit modern life. Here’s how.”

Embrace the Art of Living with Multi-Purpose Rooms

Laundry Room Hidden in Kitchen Cabinets(2)

Laundry Room Hidden in Kitchen Cabinets 

Front Load Washer & Dryer


The need for multi-purpose rooms is usually associated with small homes, but according to aProcter and Gamble survey today the average American woman spends seven to nine hours a week on laundry.  And, according to an ICPS Family Study on dual-wage families, “women devote an average of 28-29 hrs/week to all household duties combined, while men’s contributions range from 15.57 to 19.39 hrs/week, depending on whether the man himself, or his spouse is reporting.” Whether you agree with these reports, or not, we live busier lives and need to multitask to accomplish our daily responsibilities and spend time with our families.

 Embrace the art of living by allowing one room to serve many purposes. Below are photos of several multi-purpose rooms to allow you to multitask and enjoy your family at the same time.

Kitchen and Family Room Combination(1)

Kitchen & Family Room Combination

Office in Kitchen or Family Room Closet

Office in Kitchen or Family Room Closet

Playroom & Workout Room Combination

Playroom & Workout Room Combination

Kitchen Pantry & Mudroom Combined

 Pantry & Mudroom Combination

Located between garage and kitchen

When architectural design is done right, rooms are configured to fit in your existing home by utilizing the space to its maximum potential. These multi-purposes rooms help you to enjoy a less stressful life.