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Make an Entrance


Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful. William Morris

Has it been a while since you have entered your house through the front door? Maybe that cracked walkway and faded front door have seen better days? Perhaps your foyer has become the dumping ground for backpacks, old newspapers, umbrellas and your old running sneakers?

Updating the exterior of your home creates an immediately visible “facelift” and presents a fresh, warm welcome for family, friends, visitors, and neighbors. Updates can be accomplished at several levels of complexity. If you are considering a remodel, then you may want to add a portico, refinish the stairs and railing leading up to your door, or create a dramatic transformation with the porch you’ve always dreamed about. Smaller alterations to the front of your home can also make it more welcoming. Something as simple as replacing your front door and adding some transom lights can make a significant difference in appearance.

The foyer is your guests’ first impression of your home.  It establishes the character of the rest of your home:

  • Take a look at your foyer walls. If other rooms in your home are visible from the foyer, make sure the wall colors are complimentary.
  • Consider the flooring. Usually, the foyer is a high traffic area of your home, so sturdy flooring materials are essential.
  • Selecting a paint color, make sure that your flooring is cohesive with other rooms in your home. Select appropriate colors or stains, and perhaps interesting floor patterns.
  • Consider adding crown molding or wainscot panels to enhance the look of the space.
  • Stylish lighting can transform the whole room’s decor.  Spot lighting highlight areas of your foyer enhancing the ambience of the room; wall sconces add character.  Choose different types of lighting and make sure these styles are complementary to the rest of your furnishings.
  • Dramatically change the whole look and feel of your home from the first step inside by updating the stairs coming off your foyer. A newel that makes a style statement and a visually appealing, more substantive rail make an immediate difference in the foyer space.
  • Re-vamp your entryway.  Bump-out the foyer to create a larger space, or install French pocket doors that lead to the rooms off the foyer.

Although the foyer is generally considered a formal space, that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be a practical, livable space. Try brightening up your space by updating the light fixtures and adding plants. Place an eye-catching rug in the center of the room and hang a stylish mirror in the entryway.  “A quick and easy way to update your foyer is with accessories,” suggests Designer Stephanie Bell. “A new picture frame, seasonal flower arrangement, or other decorative objects are a great solution to keeping the entry of your home fresh and exciting for you, your family, and your guests.”

So now that you have a bit of inspiration, think about revamping your entryway and/or foyer to leave a lasting impression on your guests!