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Progress Update on Home Renovation in Darien, Connecticut



Titus Built is busy with several home renovations in lower Fairifeld County, Connecticut. Some are at the beginning stage while others are nearly complete. The Harbor View waterfront renovation is scheduled to be finished by next Friday. Our clients are getting married and plan to have their rehearsal dinner/birthday party combo at their home on Friday evening.  We wish Tamara & Steve a beautiful lifetime of togetherness and happiness. Photos of the home’s detail custom millwork will be posted soon.

Below is a progress update of the Darien home renovation. The renovation began this spring with the testing for lead paint. As this home was built in 1963, the United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all homes built before 1978 to be tested for lead paint. We were pleased to find out that there was no lead paint found. To learn more about the lead paint rule you can read the EPA’s pamphlet The Lead-Safe Certified Guild to Renovate Right

Webb-front-1st-progressDemolition is complete:

  • Titus Built tested for lead paint (in houses built prior to 1978) per EPA regulations.
  • Demolition completed to prepare for construction as per plan.
  • All demolition material was placed in dumpsters provided by Titus Built and removed from site.


Webb-front-2nd-progressFront view of home renovation




Webb-front-4th-progress-Exterior renovation progress:

  • Modified existing roof structure; frame for new dormers on front & back.
  • Reconstructed tops of 2 existing chimneys per plan, including build-outs and chimney pots.
  • Removed all remaining roof shingles.
  • Supplied & installed ice & water shield at eaves and in valleys.
  • Supplied & installed preservative treated western red cedar shingles over 30# felt underlayment on main roof.


Attic-windows-rear-of-houseDrawing of attic windows at rear of house


Webb-rear-progress-1Rear view of home renovation


  • Framers are beginning to frame master suite addition.



Stay tuned for progress updates including interior custom cabinetry and millwork benchmade in our shop located in West Redding, CT:

  • 1st Floor
    • Laundry cabinets
    • Mudroom cubbies
    • Kitchen island & cabinets
    • Kitchen bar cabinets
    • Living room tv cabinet
  • 2nd Floor
    • Master bath vanity
    • Master bath built-in shelves
    • Master bath tub paneling
    • Master closet window seat
    • 2nd floor family room tv cabinet
    • New home office built-in bookshelves
    • 2nd floor linen cabinet
    • Renovated bath #1 vanity
    • Bookshelves in new stair hall
    • Built-in shelves in bedroom #3
    • New hall built-in
  • 3rd Floor (attic)
    • Bath vanity
    • Bar cabinet in new studio space


For more information on this Darien, CT home renovation check out our Whole Home Renovation in Revitalized Neighborhood blog.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle. Renovating Your Basement or Attic as a Multi-Functional Room for Entertaining

Dudley Road, Wilton Attic Remodel
Home has become a personal retreat for most families ~ a place where they can enjoy spending time with their family and friends. Multi-functional basement or attic rooms are a trend at Titus Built. Many of our clients are deciding to increase their home’s footprint by renovating their basement, attic or adding outdoor entertainment spaces.

If a homeowner is thinking about renovating it is important that they understand that the key part of a remodel is the design. Each homeowner’s criteria for their basement or attic renovation is different and it is important that they choose an architect or design-build remodeler that maximizes the footprint to meet their specific needs while adding function to some of the most underused space in their home.

The first group of photos is of an attic remodel in Wilton, CT. The original part of the home was built in the 18th century, and therefore, the attic was the best choice to renovate for the children’s playroom and an area for our clients’ to workout.
Dudley Road, Wilton Attic Remodel 2
Dudley Road, Wilton Attic Remodel home gym area
Dudley Road, Wilton  Attic Remodel 3Kitchenettes are often included in an attic or basement renovation.

Dudley Road, Wilton Attic Remodel 4

A home office, or a bedroom with a bathroom, is also a great choice when remodeling the attic.

Another client was interested in renovating the basement for their parents. They wanted a room where their visiting parents could sleep as well as spend some quality time by themselves. It was important to our clients that the entire renovated space feel like it “belonged” with the rest of their home. Besides the bedroom and sitting area they also wanted us to create storage space for wine.
Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan Basement Remodel of Sitting Room and Bedroom
Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan Basement Renovaiton Wine Room

Cool teen hangouts, pantries and home gyms are frequent basement renovation requests. Below are photos of a few more of our basement remodels:

Wilton Basement Remodel beforeBasement before Kids’ Recreation Room Renovation

Wilton Basement Remodel After
Wilton Basement Remodel  After 2Basement After Kids’ Rec Room Renovation in Wilton, CT
Dudley Road, Wilton Attic Remodel home gym area
New Canaan  Basement Remodel - home gym (2)
New Canaan, CT client opted for home gym and pantry for their basement remodel.

New Canaan, CT Basement Remodel - Pantry
New Canaan, CT Basement Remodel - Pantry (2)

We are currently working on a basement renovation in Greenwich, CT. Our client wanted a room where the kids could access the room from the exterior of the house. The exterior entry has been completed and we are in the process of remodeling the interior of the basement. The rooms will consist of a home gym, full bathroom, kitchenette, and rec room with pool table, home theater and 2 3-high bunk beds to sleep six… Talk about a Cool Teen Hangout!

Exterior of Greenwich, CT Basement Remodel Project
Exterior of Greenwich, CT Basement Remodel 6(1)
Exterior of Greenwich, CT Basement Remodel 7(1)

(Progress Report: Basement Remodel in Greenwich, Connecticut: http://bit.ly/oY4V4m)

After the basement or attic renovation is complete it is important to call your home insurance agent and upgrade your homeowner’s policy. If you are looking to remodel your attic or basement, call 203-834-0275 to see how we can help.

Happy Remodeling!

For more Attic & Basement remodeling tips visit the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI): http://bit.ly/mXjmNR

Interested in expanding your home’s footprint thru Outdoor Spaces: Decks, Pergolas, Patios & Screened-in Porches http://bit.ly/qGkNMm.