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Before You Remodel Your Kitchen, Check out These Custom Kitchen Ideas


The kitchen has become the hub of the home. Not only is the kitchen the place where you prepare foods, more often than not, it ends up being the gathering place for family and friends. At Titus Built, our client’s input is essential when designing their kitchen. When thinking about a kitchen renovation their lifestyle plays an important part of the design and material selection. Keeping up with the Jones’ is not the key factor, but rather what suites their budget and lifestyle. Resale is also a key factor when considering a remodel.  When choosing a remodeler to renovate your kitchen it is important to hire a partner that can enhance your lifestyle as well as increase the value of your home; a partner that will ensure a smooth and positive experience. It’s critical that you understand your partner’s vision, philosophy, and values to make sure they align with your goals.

Design is a crucial part of the remodel. Quality cabinetry is another key component to a good kitchen renovation. You want your dollars to last and not “look good” for a short period of time. Fine cabinetry uses quality materials and workmanship as well as offers unique, custom styles.

Below are photos of fine quality cabinetry including clever kitchen ideas:Cabinetry-with-self-closing-soft-touch-technology

Our Harbor View clients’ wanted a kitchen where they could entertain. We designed and handcrafted a kitchen where each custom piece of cabinetry was made completely by hand at 1″ thick, with self-closing soft touch technology and substantial marble countertops providing ample space for prep, cooking and entertaining during large gatherings.


One of our Redding clients brought us their ideas and we worked with them right down the smallest details to give them the kitchen they desired. Cabinet doors were designed and fabricated to the millimeter of our clients’ specifications; wood for countertops was hand selected by Jeff Titus and the clients; the stone surround and stone incorporated into the island were handcrafted to complement the adjacent family room fireplace; and, the organization of the info center was tailored to our clients’ requirements. Photo is of the veneer stone surround with spice shelves installed inside the surround.



A New Canaan, client wanted to make sure her newly remodeled kitchen stayed uncluttered, so she requested cabinet built-ins for paper towels. General manager Jeff Titus and the architect worked together on the design, which includes a holder to the right of the main sink and the island sink. Other details in the kitchen include a variation in depth of base cabinets; a custom made china hutch; and a full walk-in pantry.Laundry-Room-Hidden-in-Kitchen-CabinetsOur Westport clients wanted more room in their home to accommodate their three growing children and make the whole family more comfortable. At the same time, it was important to them to maintain the integrity of their 1914 house. They wanted the remodel to look as if it had always been a part of their home. Titus Built designed and built a 1-1/2 story addition, including a family room and additional living areas, to the back of the Westport couple’s home. The couple also wanted a functional laundry room in the kitchen/family room area, but wanted the washer and dryer units concealed. Titus Built designed and built cabinets to hide their washer and dryer units. Custom cabinets can be designed and handcrafted to accommodate both apartment and full-sized units.

Here are some other clever kitchen ideas that you should think about including in your kitchen design:


Cutting board to fit over compost bin

Pull out storage

Pull out cutting board

Hidden pocket door in cabinetry

Brass & stainless sink with front towel rack

Pantry – pull out shelves in closet

Pull out dog dishes in cabinetry

Storage for sink

Sink drawers

Pull out dish cloth storage

Peg drawer dividers for dishes

Drawer for upright utensils

Kitchen power grommet

Pull out under sink storage

Remote Locking Cabinets

Refrigerator Drawers

Trash & recycle shoots

You may also want to consider a closet pantry, pantry addition inclusive off drawer refrigerators, room temperature and chilled wine storage, a closet turned into an office… the list is endless. With Titus Built, our master craftsmen create the custom-designed details that make your home one-of-a-kind. Ask us about the difference.

Thank You to All Our Clients and Friends for Your Referrals!

Social Media Influences Product Choices

Referrals are still Titus Built’s best sales leads. Referral leads converted to contracts top all other categories, followed by Repeat Customers and SoMe… Advertising is way down the list.

We are grateful for all our referrals. Referrals are more than a sales lead – they are a report card. We also understand that referrals to us are the referrer’s clients and friends, and therefore, it is important that we treat them with utmost courtesy and respect.

As a thank you for your loyalty, Titus Built has initiated a new referral program. Should you refer us to a client who undertakes a construction project with Titus Built (including a signed Construction Agreement of at least $10,000 value)** we will express our appreciation by offering you a Referral Reward.

1st Referral Rewards (choose one)
-$100 donated to the charity of your choice (via www.JustGive.org)
-$100 gift certificate for a local restaurant of your choice
-$100 American Express gift card

2 or more referrals within same calendar year (choose one)
-$250* donated to the charity of your choice (via www.JustGive.org)
-$250* gift certificate for a local restaurant of your choice
-$250* American Express gift card
Also, upon signing a Titus Built, LLC Construction Contract Agreement of $50,000 or more, your referred friend will receive a $500 LILLIAN AUGUST Home Furnishings and Interior Design Gift Card.

*for each referral

Regardless of whether any referral turns into a project for Titus Built, we greatly value your referrals and extend our sincere appreciation!

**The reward will be based on the signed Construction Agreement and will be fulfilled within 30 days of the contract signing.

Rewarding you for your business and referrals

Should We Stay in Our Home and Renovate/Add On or … Should We Move?

Titus DB Brochure-page-002(1)

The first part of any successful relationship is to make sure the contractor and the homeowner understand each other. The contractor should: provide the services you need; deliver the quality you expect; offer good value for the services offered; stand behind the homeowner and the contractor’s work when project is complete; and, communicate clearly and professionally.

How to determine what makes sense for your family – Your Home…Your Lifestyle.

Before making the decision to renovate your existing home or move, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you like the town you live in?
  • Do you like your property and your neighbors?
  • Is your house sellable as is?
  • Does your property allow for expansion or improvements?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, then you need not give remodeling another thought!
Kitchen addition

Did you know? That a typical $250k project… can take 3-5 months to properly plan and design before construction begins; can require thousands of decisions regarding design, planning and production; can require coordinating up to 30 trades, numerous supply vendors and town officials; and, can require over 100 individuals to work on the job site during the project duration?

On the other hand, if you answer “yes” to the questions above then you still must consider the following:

The Selling Cycle: During the selling process your home must always be kept clean and tidy for potential viewings. In today’s economy it is taking an average of four months to sell a home in Fairfield County.

Moving Before You Sell: If you move and sell your home after relocating to your new home, potential buyers will believe that if you hold onto your old home long enough the stress factor will come into play. This increases the chance that you will receive lower offers on your home.

Unexpected Upgrade Costs: When moving to a new location, you must consider the higher costs. A larger home also means bigger utility bills, homeowner’s insurance premiums and so forth. That lawn that used to cost you $100/week to maintain now costs much more. Do your homework and get estimates on these additional costs prior to purchasing your new home. We have heard from many homeowners who were taken by surprise when their overall operating costs increased dramatically.

Related Fees: Real estate commissions, closing and moving costs will typically be 10% or more of your selling price.
Redecorating Expenses: Unless your home is custom built, you will also need to paint and refurbish your new home. Perhaps those drapes and blinds that fit so nicely in your old home no longer suit the new house. Sometimes, although the previous owners thought their taste was exquisite, you don’t share the same aesthetic. A custom built home may be your answer!

Family Issues: If children are involved, they must be uprooted and transferred to a new neighborhood. Most children are quite resilient and able to cope with the transition smoothly, but this is obviously an important factor in a family’s decision to move.

Rosenbaum Millwork(1)

“In remodeling, thoughtful design, budgeting and proper planning are equally important to the actual construction process and ultimately contribute to a positive remodeling experience.” Jeffrey A. Titus, CGR

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