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Transform Your Home from Ordinary to Extraordinary With a Front Entry Remodel

Front Entry Remodel

Before and after photos of a foyer renovation

The foyer is your guests’ first impression of your home. It establishes the character of the rest of your home. Adding crown molding and wainscot panels transforms your home from ordinary to extraordinary overnight.

Foyer Transformation - Cragan

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Cragan Interior Design

 In addition to crown molding and wainscot panels, try brightening up your space by updating the light fixtures and adding plants or silk flowers. Place and eye-catching rug in the center of the room and hang a stylish mirror, or a collection of mirrors, in the entryway.

Front Foyer - Titus Built

Renovation of front entry foyer


Faux Travertine Plaster Blocks

Photo courtesy of Heidi Holzer Design & Decorative Work

For a grandeur look, why not consider a faux travertine facade. Travertine tiles on the walls are expensive and labor intense. Most foyer walls are constructed of drywall. To secure the wall tiles, the walls will need to be prepped by screwing cement board to the drywall, the tile pattern laid out, thin-set mortar applied to bond the travertine tiles, tiles set onto the thin-set and then finished with grout. Faux travertine is less labor intense and will transform your foyer into an elegant, impressive entryway.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these foyer transformations as much as I have. Check back with us frequently for current news and trends http://titusbuilt.com/blog/.

2011 Color, Pattern and Interior Trends

2011 Color & Pattern Trends

Decorating trends are defined by an elegant ambiance

The leading international furnishing show, IMM Cologne and Living Kitchen, took place in Germany last month. The four central trends to emerge were “Emotional Austerity“, “Surprising Empathy“, “Re-Balancing” and “Transforming Perspectives“. This year, decorating trends are defined by an elegant ambiance with clear and unostentatious aesthetics. Shapes are pretty but modest – basic forms with boxy or rounded contours. Kitchens continue to be a family gathering area with cabinetry extending to other rooms. Current kitchen trends include varying platform levels for alternative living in the kitchen, ceramic and porcelain sinks replacing the formerly ubiquitous stainless steel, and thinner kitchen countertops.

ShelterPop predicted honeycomb as the pattern for the year.  Color Marketing Group has chosen “Honey Moon” as the next color for 2011. CMG notes, “Inspirations come from hardworking honeybees, a move away from glitzier golds, toward a remembrance of things past. Honey Moon is patinated and reminiscent of warm, worn leather. Honey Moon offers a fresh face on yellow and blends the sensual stimulations of color and taste. Take the sweet earthiness of honey and combine it with the romance of a harvest moon to uncover this blended yellow.”

Pantone predicted “honeysuckle” (a dynamic reddish pink) as the Color for 2011, explaining that,“Energizing Honeysuckle lifts spirits and imparts confidence to meet life’s ongoing challenges.”

All trend predictions reveal a positive and upbeat attitude with renewed confidence that the economy is on the rise and expected to grow at a slightly faster pace than 2010. We are happy to see these trends and are confident that our expertise can help you enhance your home to fit your lifestyle today.

DIY… Update Spaces with Fabric Design Trends and Colors


Ian Sanderson Fabric &
“Honeysuckle” 2011 Pantone
Color of the Year

Interior decorating by combining patterns, fabrics and upholstery with updated trends can provide a rich, inviting atmosphere. There is not one design trend in fabrics today, but several – including jacquards, nubby yarns and chenille, as well as geometric floral designs using cool grays and other neutrals as the dominant colors.  Pantone recently declared “Honeysuckle” as the color of the year for 2011.  “A Color of All Seasons…Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it” http://www.pantone.com.

Designing with patterns requires careful thought. Too many large patterns will create competition instead of uniformity and balance.  When decorating, pick a favorite pattern as your main focus. Choose accent patterns and solids to complement your main pattern and keep an even number of accent patterns throughout the space to produce a cohesive theme. Don’t forget to incorporate both large and small-scale patterns to maintain balance throughout the room. Combine multi-colored fabrics with solid textured fabrics to create a visually appealing room while adding dimension to the space. Even numbers complement the space while odd numbers focus on the space. Therefore, leave the odd numbers of decorating to the accessories, providing focal points throughout your room.

Another transition to consider is using a non-traditional fabric on your traditional upholstery frames. Adding trendy fabrics to your traditional upholstery will bring personal expression to your home while avoiding a “catalog” look.