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Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Efforts


Checking On Our Community After the Storm

Like so many others in the community, we were looking for ways to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the aftermath of the storm. The day after the hurricane we sent some of our team out to client homes to check for any damage and to help with removing trees and other debris. We also headed to the community of Harbor View in Norwalk to check on the HOBI award-winning home featured above which sits directly on the water.

We were relieved to see that our clients’ home had sustained relatively minor damage but it was immediately evident that the Harbor View community had been devastated by the storm. We spent some time in the area, joining others in the community to help our clients’ neighbors where we could. Two young women next door to our clients lived in a home where the first floor was completely destroyed with all the windows washed out and the furniture gone. We boarded up their windows to help prevent future weather damage or looting. Others in the area needed help with restoring power and removing debris.

Sadly, a historic neighborhood structure (once a dance pavilion and now a community center) was demolished by the storm. Jeff Titus met with some members of the community association to see what they needed most urgently to address cleaning and rebuilding efforts. He gave a tour of the area and its most essential needs to the owner of a large local building supply house who generously offered to help by offering discounts and extended payment terms wherever he could.

Titus Built will remain committed to supporting the Harbor View community as organizational, cleanup and rebuilding efforts continue in the area. If you would like to help in some way, please contact us at info@titusbuilt.com.

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