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Transform Your Home from Ordinary to Extraordinary With a Front Entry Remodel

Front Entry Remodel

Before and after photos of a foyer renovation

The foyer is your guests’ first impression of your home. It establishes the character of the rest of your home. Adding crown molding and wainscot panels transforms your home from ordinary to extraordinary overnight.

Foyer Transformation - Cragan

Photo courtesy of Kathleen Cragan Interior Design

 In addition to crown molding and wainscot panels, try brightening up your space by updating the light fixtures and adding plants or silk flowers. Place and eye-catching rug in the center of the room and hang a stylish mirror, or a collection of mirrors, in the entryway.

Front Foyer - Titus Built

Renovation of front entry foyer


Faux Travertine Plaster Blocks

Photo courtesy of Heidi Holzer Design & Decorative Work

For a grandeur look, why not consider a faux travertine facade. Travertine tiles on the walls are expensive and labor intense. Most foyer walls are constructed of drywall. To secure the wall tiles, the walls will need to be prepped by screwing cement board to the drywall, the tile pattern laid out, thin-set mortar applied to bond the travertine tiles, tiles set onto the thin-set and then finished with grout. Faux travertine is less labor intense and will transform your foyer into an elegant, impressive entryway.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these foyer transformations as much as I have. Check back with us frequently for current news and trends http://titusbuilt.com/blog/.