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How Does the Design Concept Process Work? Preview 3 of our Current Projects!

Cox elevations(1)

Elevation Plans

Titus Built is busy working on several Design Concept Agreements and we thought you would like to see a few of our current projects.

How Does the Design Concept Process Work?

Clients are referred to Titus Built through many different avenues. When a potential client calls Titus Built someone is there to speak with them, ask the right questions, and then forward the information on to Jeff Titus, General Manager/Owner. Jeff believes that it is imperative a potential client meets with him to establish a good contractor/client relationship. And, therefore, Jeff personally returns the potential client’s call and meets with them at their home to discuss the project.

Once the client has met with Jeff, and they are still interested in engaging in a project with Titus Built, LLC, we provide the client with a Design Concept Agreement which includes information such as the scope of work, estimated hours and cost for the concepts. Design Concept Agreements vary from project to project depending on the scope of work.

For your assistance, we thought we would provide you with a brief overview of a Design Concept Agreement. The following are 3 examples of our typical concept design process:

The first Design Concept Agreement Project contacted us through a very much appreciated client referral:

Scope of Work:

Whole house waterfront remodel.

Cox Before Renovation(1)Rear View (Waterfront View) of Exterior before Renovation

rear (waterfront) view(1)Rear View (Waterfront View) of Elevations

front view(1)Front View of Elevations

The next Design Concept Agreement Project is work performed for a repeat client. Thank you to our repeat clients as they are the backbone of our business!

Scope of Work:

Perform Design Concept drawings for remodeling and additions to:

  • Convert existing screened porch to a 4 season family room and relocate laundry room to the second floor.

    Conceptual sketches will include:

    • 1-2 concepts of family room
    • 1-2 revision plus minor modifications
    • Floor plans of each concept
    • Exterior elevations
    • Rough electrical plan
    • Interior elevations as required

Renovate Screened Porch Before - ReuterExisting Home before Renovation
Reuter Rear Elevation Options

Rear Elevation Options

Reuter 1st Floor Option

First Floor Elevation Option

Reuter Family Room & Mudroom Built-in ElevationsFamily Room & Mudroom Built-In Elevations
Reuter 1st Floor OptionSecond Floor Elevation Option
Pool Patio Plan

Pool Patio Plan

The final Design Concept Agreement Project came to us through a Google Search for “Wilton Contractors”/Titus Built, LLC Website:

Scope of Work

Perform Design Concept drawings for remodeling and additions to:

  • Enlarge existing family room by combining 2 rooms
  • Investigate structural considerations
  • Design & locate entertainment center, cabinets, window seats in family room including new wet bar area
  • Perform furniture placement plan
  • Identify finish details & moldings, coffered ceiling, mantel, etc.
  • Perform electrical and lighting plan


Conceptual sketches will include:

  • CAD drafted plan of existing family, living room, related basement and adjacent areas as needed
  • Up to three floor plan concepts (furniture & cabinet layout)
  • One revised floor plan and four interior elevations
  • Molding details/sections
  • Initial electrical & lighting plan

Ripp Family Room Before Renovation

Family Room before Renovation

Ripp Design Concepts of Proposed 1st Floor Plan

First Floor Elevations

Ripp Proposed Wet Bar and Family Room Mantel

Proposed Wet Bar and Family Room Mantel

Ripp Proposed Family Room Wall Elevations
Proposed Family Room Wall Elevations

For further information, please feel free to call our office at 203-834-0275 or visit the following website pages:

Our Architectural Design – Build Process https://www.titusbuilt.com/design-build-process/

Frequently Asked Questions https://www.titusbuilt.com/faqs