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Hidden Rooms: New Storage Space is Hiding in Plain Sight


“To whom does design address itself: to the greatest number, to the specialist of an enlightened matter, to a privileged social class? Design addresses itself to the need.” Charles Eames

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients is lack of storage space. Titus Built has found that owners of even the smallest homes can double their storage space with some simple but creative modifications. After the holidays, why not turn your attention to places in your home where extra space may be hiding in plain sight. Here are some ideas:


  • Under-the-bed rolling drawers can hold extra clothes or linens.
  • A built-in cedar closet, often created from a portion of a current closet, is an elegant way to keep your woolens safe from moths.
  • Window seats and built-in book shelves create a private nook while providing an orderly place for books, toys or linens.


  • A small shelf under the upper cabinets allows convenient storage of spices and herbs.
  • Under-cabinet knife slats provide a protected spot to store utensils. Existing cabinets can be replaced with deeper or taller models that reach to the ceiling. Use the top shelves for rarely used items.
  • Built-in refrigerators save space in a small kitchen and streamline the appearance of kitchens of any size.
  • A separate pantry, which holds many items within easy reach, is another valuable storage space. Narrow, vertical areas provide the perfect place to store mops and brooms.
  • An island improves traffic patterns in the kitchen while adding abundant storage
  • Slide-in cutting boards, pot racks, even an extra sink can be built in to make a significant difference. Open shelves on one side make food preparation quicker and easier.


  • While the standard height for most sinks is 30 to 32 inches, most adults can use a basin more comfortably at 34 to 38 inches high. The extra height also allows for more storage – an extra shelf in the area below the basin and additional drawers on the sides.
  • Four inch deep tall cabinets can be recessed into the wall for storage of sundries.
  • A small surface-mounted cabinet over the toilet can hold extra paper and tissues.

With a little creativity, your home could have twice as much storage space as you’re now using. For specific ideas for your home, give us a call. We’re full of ingenuity!

Excerpts from Titus Built Spring 2008 Newsletter