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Home Renovation Update of Project Located in New Canaan, CT

Front of Home Before Renovation

Front View of Home Before Renovation

Titus Built, LLC is currently working on a home renovation located in New Canaan, CT. Our clients were interested in exterior enhancements as well as improving the curb appeal of their home. The exterior facelift project includes demolition, dormers, windows, front door relocation, insulation, gutters, a cedar shingle wood roof and exterior trim/siding replacement as well as many smaller projects.

In addition to the exterior facelift, the remodel includes renovations to the living room and dining room including double French doors, ½ wall in living room, columns, panels, crown molding, and new wood floors.

Below are progress photos taken between March 15th and the 17th:

Interior Renovation Photos:

Living room remodel 1

Living room remodel 2

Exterior facelift 3

Living room french doors 4


Exterior Renovation Photos:

Exterior remodel 5

The installation of French doors in the living room as well as above in the master bedroom can be seen from the back of the house.

Front exterior Remodel 6

Front view of the house shows the existing front portico and asphalt shingles have been demolished and the insulation, domers and cedar shingles on the roof have been installed.

Window installation 7

Exterior facelift of home 8

Cedar roof shingle remodel 9

Copper chimney flashing 10

Copper chimney flashing, copper drip edge, open copper valleys, side wall and step flashing, copper roof boots and rake returns are installed to prevent water from contacting and damaging the roof decking, prevent the roof shingles from drooping over the roof edge, and improve the appearance of the roof line.

The Architectural Rendering of the above project may be viewed on our New Spring Project! Post: http://bit.ly/gAmA5f.

Stay tuned for more updates on the New Canaan Home Renovation!