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Titus Built Old Home Renovation Project Featured on d5Remodel

Dudley Front(1)This home was originally built as a three-room saltbox in the late 1700s. It had a kitchen, a parlor and an upstairs bedroom. Folklore has it that during the Revolutionary War, the British came through the area and camped overnight in a hollow below the house. During the skirmish with the Wilton Militia, the British tried to burn the house down. Some of the beams in the basement looked like they were burned; there was definitely a fire in the house, and maybe the British started it.

The new owners of the home knew they wanted to preserve the exterior structure. All three stories of the interior, however, had fallen into disrepair. The home had been remodeled several times over its 200-plus years, leaving it with endless tiny and chopped up rooms. Most additions were added throughout the 19th century.

Titus Built was honored to have the opportunity to renovate such a historical home and has entered this project in the daily5Remodel contest.

d5R-Button[1](1)The July contest on daily5REMODEL showcases beautiful renovations of homes at least 50 years old. Please view our project via the “featured on” button and vote. Voting is open until next Thursday, August 4, at 5 p.m. Votes for us are greatly appreciated.

The contest created many outstanding home renovation project entries. Here’s a snapshot of these projects:  http://daily5remodel.com/index.php?action=snapshots