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In-House Cabinetry Hardware Samples Available at Titus Built, LLC

Lee Valley & veritas Banded Shell Pull & Cast Drop Pull

Selecting handles, knobs and pulls for your cabinetry is an important part of the design process. Details can truly make the difference in any project. When remodeling a kitchen, one of those details is your choice of handles, knobs and pulls on the cabinets. Choosing the right style and finish hardware for your kitchen cabinets is essential. You want the hardware to be aesthetically pleasing; have the best functionality for your family; and, create continuity throughout the home. Well designed and visually pleasing kitchen cabinetry can make your kitchen a haven for your family. It is important to us at Titus Built that our in-house collection of cabinet knobs and pulls include a varied selection of styles and finishes, are durable and of high quality.


Top Knobs Cabinetry Hardware

Top Knobs cabinet hardware samples are available at the Titus Built showroom in West Redding, CT. Their hardware is among the highest quality hardware for kitchen or bath cabinets. The manufacturer takes great pride in their craftsmanship and innovative designs with over 2,500 decorative knobs and pulls; separate lines for kitchens, baths, and closets collections; as well as 26 different finishes.  Top Knobs claims to be the “number one manufacturer for decorative knobs and drawer pulls.” Many of the designs in their cabinet hardware collection cannot be found anywhere else, so we believe you will be very pleased with the selections from this manufacturer.


Quality craftsmanship, unique designs, great looks!

Cliffside Industries Online Catalog

Cliffside Industries Ltd. hardware samples have been available at Titus Built for many years and their high quality materials and pricing is an asset to our cabinetry. They are an award-winning, family owned, distributor of their own brand of decorative hardware. Cliffside’s extensive line of cabinet knobs and pulls are available in solid brass, lead crystal, marble, corian, pewter and stainless steel. Their crystal knobs and pulls, novelty hardware pieces, and bath accessories are made or assembled in the United States and distributed from their warehouse and office complex located in Lancaster County, PA. “Our mission is to serve the hardware needs of consumers through our business customers in the kitchen and bath industry with excellent service and ageless, elegant products crafted from high-quality materials.” ~ Cliffside Industries

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Whether you choose hardware from one of our in-house samples such as Top Knobs, or another one of our hardware sources, you can be sure that with Titus Built, you know your cabinetry will look beautiful and original.

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