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Outdoor Spaces: Decks, Pergolas, Patios & Screened-in Porches

Dudley exterior fireplace - pergola
Dudley Outdoor SpacesExpand your home to embrace outdoor living
Labor Day is around the corner and a new season is about to begin. Many of us have just returned from our summer family vacations and the children are back in school. As we look forward to autumn we want to cherish memories of time shared with our family and friends during the summer and find ways to extend those good feelings throughout the year. Expanding your living area to the outdoors this fall is the ideal way to carry the simple pleasures of entertaining at home into new spaces and seasons.
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Today, there’s no reason for a backyard to be just a vast expanse of lawn. The potential for your outdoor space is more exciting than ever. Swimming pools, decks, patios and outdoor kitchens turn the average backyard barbecue into a setting for sumptuous gourmet feasts and festivities. Rustic fireplaces and hi-tech patio heaters play an important role in lengthening the comfort of the outdoors to cooler months, allowing you to share wonderful evenings roasting marshmallows and making s’mores in the fall.

Michael Kodis, author of “Ultimate Backyard”, writes “If you want to raise the value of your home, start thinking about ways to add structural interest and comfort to your backyard, patio, deck, side yard – you name it.” A home’s living space can be doubled by the extension of the backyard. Outdoor spaces can be places to gather together or to escape to and relax in solitude.
Rosenbaum outdoor storage

Rosenbaum pergola
Rosenbaum outdoor fireplace
Successful backyard design is much more than just adding appliances and accessories. It is best approached as an overall home-design process – an extension of your home, unifying the inside with the outside.
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Schirmer deck
Schirmer porch ceiling
Schirmer porch inside fireplace
Schirmer porch - inside home view
As you begin your new adventure in backyard entertainment you will find that your friends – and your children’s friends – will all want to come and enjoy your new abode. In well-designed outdoor spaces, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.