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Sales Associate

The Sales Associate is responsible for selling the company product, services and vision.

The Sales Associate is responsible for providing a constant flow of work to production. In addition, the Sales Associate is to assist in ensuring that the construction of the projects sold is performed correctly, cost effectively, expeditiously and in the highest level of quality. He/She is to interface with the client, architects and designers to solicit feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Sales Associate is to interface with the Estimating Department and the Production Department to ensure that there is a smooth hand off from Sales to Production as well as proper communication between Sales and Estimating.

The employee is expected to participate in the development of the operating system of the organization, to contribute continuously to the innovation required to move the organization into the top of its class, and to aid the organization in performing always at the highest level of service and quality.

Key elements of the position:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Administration