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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager (OPM) is responsible for Customer Satisfaction and Successful Completion of our Building Contracts.

The OPM leads the coordination of our Production Department which includes Project Managers, Lead Carpenters, Laborers, Subcontractors and material suppliers. In addition, the OPM is to approve invoices and deliver Change Orders.

The OPM reports to the General Manager (GM) and is responsible for the project from sales hand off to completion. The OPM is responsible for all project schedules and allocation of the proper resources to complete the projects in accordance with our Contracts.

The OPM ensures successful completion of projects by maintaining customer satisfaction, upholding project quality, monitoring project profitability and by focusing on company goals.

The OPM works very closely with the General Manager and Design Department to uphold the Contract as sold, to initiate change orders, to resolve disputes and to ultimately ensure customer satisfaction and project profitability.

The OPM and is in charge of daily supervision of individual projects. Supervision consists of managing and monitoring all phases of actual construction as it takes place, to ensure the work is performed correctly, cost effectively, in proper sequence, expeditiously and in the highest level of quality.

The OPM is also responsible for Customer Satisfaction, promotion of the Company’s image and maintaining the highest level of ethics and standards as a Company Representative.

The employee is expected to participate in the development of the operating system of the organization into the top of its class and to aid the organization in performing at the highest level of service and quality. He/She is to interface with clients, architects, designers, city officials, consultants, structural engineers, sub contractors and material suppliers.

Key elements of the position:

  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Administration