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Home Repair: Too much water on your lawn / driveway? Yard drainage repair is the answer!

Drainage 16(1)

Drainage is often an issue for so many homeowners. Several of our clients have had the same issue. Below is a brief description and photos of one of our recent yard drainage repair projects:

  • Excavate approximately 15 feet of 3” PVC underground drainage line leading to drywell at Northeast corner of front yard, adjacent to flower bed, at end of driveway.Drainage 1 Drainage 2
    Drainage 3 Drainage 4 Drainage 5Drainage 7

    • Excavate drywell, remove and dispose of existing crushed stone.
    • Line drywell pit (bottom and sides) with landscape filter fabric to prevent soil, silt and root infiltration into crushed stone
    • Infill entire drywell pit with 3/4” crushed stone
      • Dimensions of drywell to match existing, assumed to be 36-42” diameter Drainage 9 Drainage 10 Drainage 11
      • Repair 3” PVC pipe where it is cracked by cutting away 6-12” of pipe and replacing section with new 4” PVC pipe and 2 PVC couplings.

      Drainage 12Drainage 13 Drainage 15 Drainage 16(2)

      • Final step will be to backfill all excavated areas, replace sod, hay and re-seed disturbed areas of lawn.


      Maintaining proper drainage prevents foundation and driveway damage, wet basements, mold, soggy lawns as well as many other environmental issues. For those of you with lots of energy, there is a great DIY blog that has several solutions for poor drainage in your yard http://ow.ly/5pZ86.

      For all others, call us to see how we can help… we’d love to hear from you!