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Important Professional Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Remodeling Contractor


Remodeling any part of your home is a major decision to make therefore, it is worth taking the time up front to be sure it is done the way you want.  In the long run it will save everyone time and money.  As discussed in a previous blog, choosing a design-build remodeling company will save you time, is less expensive, and tops in quality measurements over construction management-at-risk and architect-bid-build projects.

Before choosing a remodeling company, consider the following questions when deciding on the best approach for your remodeling project.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Remodeling Professional

Client Services:

  • Does the remodeling professional have a clearly defined, step-by-step design and building process?
  • Does the remodeling professional provide in-house comprehensive services such as architectural design, product selection and procurement, and construction services?
  • Do they provide comprehensive in-house cabinetry design, fabrication, and installation?
  • Does the remodeling professional have their own cabinetry shop to better control quality and scheduling?
  • Does the remodeling professional align its trade partners and suppliers to be consistent with their values in order to deliver projects as promised?
  • Does the remodeling professional conduct periodic meetings with its trade partners and suppliers to discuss ways to improve their service and working relationships?
  • Does the remodeling professional’s local office have normal business hours and have support staff in-house?
  • Is someone at the office available to take calls during those hours and will the remodeling professional provide you with emergency contact numbers for after hours communication?
  • Will the remodeling professional communicate clearly, often, and in writing?
  • Does the remodeling professional hire a 3rd party independent service to survey the satisfaction of their existing clients?
  • Does the remodeling professional show up on time for appointments?
  • Will they work for a win-win relationship and provide exceptional value for the many services rendered?
  • Will they clean up the site daily?

After addressing the above questions, it is also important to think about the company’s Affiliations, Education, Community Standing and Professionalism.  These topics will be discussed later in the week.

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