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Take Care of Your Home This Season


Winter brings a unique set of challenges for home maintenance. Take care of your investment wisely … here are just a few simple tips:

Make sure your windows aren’t costing you money this winter. Check for loose caulk or deteriorated weather-stripping, and then repair or replace it. Consider installing replacement windows, which are relatively inexpensive and will save you money on heating costs in the long run.

Enjoy your fireplace with complete peace of mind by having the chimney checked and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep. It’s vital that the chimney be examined for blockage that can cause dangerous carbon monoxide build-up. Leaves, sticks and sometimes even animals can plug up a chimney.

Roofs and Gutters
Roofs should be examined for any cracked, broken or missing shingles, and at the points where pipes, vents and chimneys come through your roof (where most leaks occur). Also check for blocked gutters, which can cause problems when water freezes inside and creates ice dams. When the ice and snow melts, it can get into your home and cause damage.

The longer and darker days make exterior lighting more essential than at any other time of year. Check all your bulbs and add timers or photoelectric sensors. For spotlights, replace incandescent bulbs with halogens for improved clarity. Add or adjust motion detectors for safety and security.

Ask us for more ideas about how to protect your home this winter. Our handyman services are designed to help you with this essential maintenance.