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Where do I start?

Call us to schedule a 1 hour appointment in your home. We will discuss your ideas and see the physical space that you have to work with. Be prepared to spend 15-20 minutes with us on the phone before we agree to a meeting to make sure our Services are right for you.

Budget Review: What do you expect to spend for the work that you want accomplished? We will review the scope of work, compare it to your budget and give you our feedback. It benefits no one to agree to an unrealistic budget so you’ll get our honest opinion.

Design-Build Agreement: Once the scope of work and budget are identified and agreed upon, you’ll sign our Design Concept Agreement and return it with a non-refundable design retainer fee (approx. 3% of estimated budget) that pays for our initial conceptual planning stage. Now we’re underway!

Once our Concept plans are completed and agreed upon we’ll check the construction budget again. If the Concept plans meet your budget we’ll proceed with the next step of design drawings and schedule a start date for construction. If the budget is off course, we modify the conceptual plans to best meet the budget.

Before proceeding with the design drawings we will ask for a non-refundable construction deposit of approximately 15% of the agreed upon Construction Costs. This deposit does two things. It authorizes us to finalize the construction documents and it holds a place in our construction schedule to start once the drawings have been completed.

Once the final construction documents and final price are agreed upon, the building permit can be obtained and the work may begin.