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How do I know I’m getting a fair price without competitive bidding?

Welcome to Design-Build! For many companies discussing money is taboo. We feel costs and budgets are an essential component to discuss prior to starting any design project. One quick and easy way to get a sense of a project’s cost is to use common square footage costs for similar projects that we’ve completed.

In addition, we perform several conceptual pricing alternatives to analyze the cost benefits of different solutions and let you choose which is best for you.

Our reputation and past clients are testimonials to our fairness and quality of services that we provide. Our thoughts on “bidding” are that ultimately it is a disservice to consumers because of the following:

  1. Bids reflect only initial lowest price and not value.
  2. Bids potentially say more about a contractor’s desire to sign more work rather than their integrity, character, skills and value provided.
  3. Bids naturally set up an adversarial relationship where the contractor is forced to cut corners and keep his costs low because he was the lowest bidder rather than focusing on value and what’s best for the client.
  4. Bidding reduces the time that the contractor has to get acquainted with the project and therefore may not include all elements that are required. In addition, the contractor may not fully understand the key elements that are driving the designs of the project.

If you required brain surgery you wouldn’t seek the lowest price would you? Lowest price also does not make sense when attempting to increase the value of what is probably one of your largest investments, your home.