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Design-Build – What does this mean?

Design-Build means that one company handles your design & building needs. It is our team that helps you develop your wish list and ideas, convert them to sketches, working drawings and finally construction documents that are used to build your project. Our in-house construction team then turns your ideas into reality by providing highly supervised project management of your project to ensure the highest level of quality, continuous monitoring of the schedule and ensuring your original vision.

For this to happen, your budget must be discussed up front so that our designs and construction costs reflect the agreed budget. If our designs start to veer off of your construction budget, we can adjust the designs or product selections to stay on track. Any changes that you decide to make during the design process may affect 1) the design costs, 2) the design time and 3) the construction costs. Because we build our own designs, we know how much things cost. So as changes are made, you have a realistic and honest sense of what your project will cost will be.