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Basement Renovation for an Active Family in Greenwich, CT


The unfinished basement of a home owned by an active family with teenagers was transformed into a lively space for leisure, entertainment and sleepovers. The original basement had no connection to the backyard and pool. One of the first design decisions was the addition of French doors that suffuse the basement with light and provide easy access to the backyard.


A mudroom-inspired entryway provides space for storage, dressing and cleaning up before and after pool time.




Distinct areas in this basement renovation were designed for a variety of activities. A ping pong table is center stage, aligned with an inviting small kitchen at the back of the room.


A row of six custom bunk beds accessed by sliding ladders as well as a fully equipped full bathroom promises memorable sleepovers.


The living area with abundant comfort seating for gaming and watching movies takes advantage of the room’s custom entertainment center and surround sound.


Besides the entertaining area for teenagers our client also wanted a home gym. In this generous work area, temperature controls keep the area comfortable in any season.


Titus Built master craftsmen created a large stone masonry entryway to match existing exterior stone. The stones needed to be cut square while paying close attention to the colors. The whole home renovation was designed and remodeled to blend in with the existing home design as if it was always there.

Our client and his children are thrilled with their new space and plan on having a fabulous summer filled with teenage entertainment.

Click here to view the construction transformation of our basement renovation: Progress Report: Basement Remodel in Greenwich, Connecticut

For drawings and before photos check us out on Houzz.com.

Amazing Wall Finishes Add Beauty and Character to Your Home

Glazed Panels with gilded and glazed niche

Glazed Panels with gilded and glazed niche

Exploring trends with local designer Heidi Holzer, Owner of Heidi Holzer Design and Decorative Work in Redding, CT

A few months ago we met with Heidi Holzer of Heidi Holzer Design and Decorative Work to see some of her new signature wall finishes and fell in love with many of them. They are fantastic and will change your room from ordinary to extraordinary – a cut above. Titus Built’s master craftsmen create the custom-designed details that make your home one-of-a-kind and we are pleased to include the artisans of Heidi Holzer on our team. For more than two decades, Heidi Holzer Design and Decorative Work has transformed interior living spaces throughout the Northeast and beyond. Their methods include gilding, glazing, light refractive finishes, Venetian plaster, clay plaster, antiquing, reverse glass finishes, faux stone, faux ivory and more. Heidi Holzer Design and Decorative Work has been featured in six national publications. The aesthetics the company brings to each project are strongly influenced by Heidi’s previous successful careers in both custom jewelry and fashion. Recently we asked Heidi to share some of her experience with current trends in wall finishing and how the process can transform an interior living space.

Color Gradation

Color Gradation done to coordinate with fabrics and artwork

Faux Travertine Plaster Blocks with marble chips and recessed grout lines

Faux Travertine with marble chips in custom color done in horizontal stripes

What are the current trends for wall finishes?

Metallic finishes are very popular right now, applied somewhat differently than they have been in the past. One method, for example, combines Venetian plastering with a metallic top layer. The addition of the metallic adds more depth and rich reflection qualities.

Aluminum Leaf cabinet with distressing and umber glaze

Aluminum Leaf cabinet with distressing and umber glaze

Hand painted Striae with pearlized mica stripes

Hand painted Striae with pearlized mica stripes custom sized for each wall

How do you decide if wall finishes are the right idea for your home?

Sometimes price is a deterrent when considering wall finishes because the initial cost is higher than painting or wallpaper. Once you understand the actual value, choosing wall finishes makes sense. Wall finishes are much more durable than wallpaper or paint. Consider the difference between your average paint job and Venetian plastering, for instance. With the Venetian plastering process, five layers of very strong acrylic plaster are applied. This is a much stronger process than paint and hides fissures and cracks much better. Glazes are also more durable because they are more easily washed than painted surfaces, without residual marking.

Venetian Plaster walls with gold leaf niche

Venetian Plaster walls with gold leaf niche and mica glazed cornice

Authentic Abalone embedded in Venetian plaster with mica wax

Authentic Abalone embedded in Venetian plaster with mica wax

What are some interesting or challenging projects you’ve worked on recently? 

We worked on a home in lower Fairfield County that was more contemporary than typical for the area. The owners wanted to concentrate on finishes that would look best at night since they entertain frequently and were usually spending most of their time at home after the sun went down. The client was interested in experimenting with a variety of painting techniques and different colored plasters. We accomplished the clients’ goals by using very clear colors, including yellow, blue and green, with no umber. The surfaces were highly waxed and polished to increase reflection. Wherever there was less light on a surface – for instance, on a niche – we added mica powders (non-toxic mineral powders) to final waxes to bring a light refractive quality to the space. There are no off the shelf solutions with Heidi Holzer and Titus Built … you know your home will look beautiful and original.

Berk-Aluminum Leaf Wall with Grid Glaze

Aluminum Leaf with custom color base and grid pattern glaze in a pale mica to coordinate with stainless steel and chrome elements in room

Thank you to Heidi Holzer for her participation in our blog. We look forward to working with her team for many years to come. 

Client Receives Lillian August Gift Card

Client received our first Lillian August Gift Card today! “I love it” she said, and proceeded to tell Jeff how she was going to spend her Card. Our client has already eye-spied some wonderful accessories available at the flagship store in Norwalk, CT.

Lillian August is an artist, a painter, an interior designer, a textile designer and a furniture designer. Lillian August Home Furnishings and Interior Design is a full service interior design firm and furnishings store. Their “must see” flagship store in Norwalk, Connecticut is one of the largest furnishings shops in the state, featuring a fantastic selection of furniture, lamps, mirrors, accessories, custom pieces, carpeting and outdoor decor. With a staff of over 35 talented designers, Lillian August can help take your decorating project, no matter how large or small, from start to finish.

To see how you too can receive a $500 Gift Card from Lillian August, check out our Gift Card Page www.titusbuilt.com/lillian-august-giftcard.htm.