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Remodeling your home? Why not have a Food Fight Party?

Food Fight Party, Rowayton, CT

Contracts have been signed and demolition of the South Norwalk, CT whole house remodel is scheduled to commence in approximately two weeks. “When our clients learned that their new remodeling plans called for the entire interior of their home to be demolished, they thought, what better way to celebrate the kick off of a remodeling project than to invite some of their closest friends over for a food fight?” stated Jeff Titus. Jeff and his family were invited to the event:

The kids thought they would start the party off with Silly String & paint.


Kids with Silly String and PaintPredemolition - Kids with Silly String and Paint

The homeowners supplied food, condiments and safety eyewear—all you need for a good food fight.  All guests were required to wear white.

Guests required to wear whiteHouse Buster Party - predemolition

Homeowners supplied the foodGuests chat before food fight

Guests enjoy evening before food fightFamily & Friends enjoying evening before food fight

As for the clean up, there was none needed.  That’s the point of having a food fight prior to a major remodeling project.  If the walls, ceilings and floors are being torn out, cleaning up afterwards is not much of a concern.

Predemolition food fight partyPre demolition food fight party 2

Pre demolition food fight party 3Looks like they needed a few prayers (?)

Pre demolition food fight party 4Adults & Children enjoyed food fight party

Kids had a blast at the food fight party

What better way to celebrate the beginning of your new adventure in home renovations than to have a food fight party. It’s a great fun for all!


elevations of Rowayton, CT Home Renovation

Stay tuned for updates on the South Norwalk, CT home renovation!

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