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10,000+ sf Home in Greenwich, CT with No Recreation Rooms for the Kids!

basement remodel

One of our Greenwich, CT clients came to us with a dilemma: he had approximately 10,000 sf of “formal” living space, but no rooms for his teenagers and their friends to hang out. Jeff Titus, and his team, were contracted to create design concept plans and then to remodel their large basement.

Basement Renovation 1-aFront entry of home

basement removation 1-bTree is located at proposed entryway to basement

Scope of Work:

  • Remodel existing finished basement into Home Gym, Recreation Room and TV Room.
  • Create large masonry stairway with open access to backyard, pool and sports court.
  • New flooring and crown molding in existing vestibule and existing hall at bottom of curved stairs.

Berger Construction Plans(1)Basement Renovation Construction PlansBerger Entry ElevationBasement Entry Elevation Plan

Before we can begin the basement remodel, we will need to construct an exterior access from the pool area to the basement. Preparation for this renovation includes:

  • Removal of existing fence to provide access to construction area at rear of house and replace fence upon completion of work.
  • Protecting existing basketball court surface from construction traffic.
  • Transplanting tree located near basement entry area.
  • Reconfiguring sprinkler system.
  • Excavating for steps, walk-out landing and new rear entry to basement level as required.
  • Providing drain in walk-out landing and connect into existing drainage system.
  • Removing all unneeded fill from site.

The project is underway… Sprinkler system is being reconfigured, the tree was transplanted and excavation of the entryway has commenced:
basement remodelBack view of basement renovation project

Basement remodel2Tree and roots are being dug up to relocated

basement remodel 3basement remodel 4Sprinkler system to be dug up and reconfigured

basement remodel 5

View of excavation of the basement entryway

Excavation of basement entry 2

Prep work for pouring concrete

basement remodel 6basement remodel 7Removing unneed fill from site

Excavation of basement entry
Excavation of basement entry 3

Basement Remodel (4)

Block retaining walls being built

basement remodel 9
basement remodel 10Basement Remodel (1)
Basement Remodel (2)Basement Remodel (3)

Demolishing wall for access to basement

Basement RemodelOur client’s children are excited to see the commencement of the project and can’t wait to see its completion! Update post to this basement renovation is available here: Progress Report: Basement Remodel in Greenwich, Connecticut