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Fairfield County, CT Realtor Buzz: Split-level & raised ranch homes are selling!

split level home before - after

The economic downturn has been felt by many Fairfield County homeowners. Split-level and raised ranch homes offer more square footage than other styles of homes for the money. And, per the local realtors’ buzz, these once less desired homes are making a comeback with their clients.

Titus Built, LLC has been providing architectural design and remodeling services to the Fairfield County community for over fifteen years. Split-levels are just one style of the many homes we have transformed. Thought you’d like to see some photos of one of our split-level, design-build remodels:

pic 76
pic 78a
pic 64

Split-level goes modern on OLDHOUSEonline with “a house built in 1958 by the Modernist architect Edward James, which recalls the philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright—author of The Natural House and the architect whose career spanned from the Prairie School of the Arts & Crafts era into International Style and Modern design… With main rooms a story above grade, this split-level house gives the impression of living in a glorious tree house.” Click here to preview this modern split-level renovation .

Another great article:   4 reasons people hate split-levels – and how to fix ‘em

“Splits soared in popularity during the 1970s, when modest-priced lots called for modest homes that made the most of limited square footage. Today, they can be salvaged to fit modern life. Here’s how.”