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2011 Trend at Titus Built: Patios, Pergolas and Screened-in Porches

Pergola Sketch(1)

In recent months we have seen a substantial increased interest in patios, pergolas and screened-in porches. What better way to spend time entertaining and dining, from spring through fall, than outside with family and friends. Patios, screened-in porches and pergolas with fireplaces provide extra living space for three-season entertaining outdoors.

Last fall, Titus Built was commissioned to build a Patio and Pergola for one of their clients. The catch was the majority of the project had to be complete within three weeks for an exciting large gathering for Halloween. Talk about an extreme home makeover!

Below are some construction photos showing the progress of the project:

Patio & Pergola Layout Sketch


Patio Before Pergola Addition

Patio Before(1)

Construction of Patio & Pergola Addition

Pergola 1(1)

Pergola 2(1)

Patio Addition 3(1)

Pergola 4(1)

Patio and Pergola Addition 5(1)

Patio Addition 6(1)

Pergola Addition 7(1)

Photos of Completed Project

Pergola Addition 8(1)

Pergola Addition 9(1)

Pergola Addition 10(1)

Pergola Addition Close up(1)

Project was completed on time and within budget. The party was a great success and many guests commented on the lovely backyard. Jeff Titus and his family were invited to attend this festive evening and had an awesome time!

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