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The Adventures of Home Renovations during the Winter of 2011

Family Room Renvation

It’s a bright, bold New Year and home renovations at Titus Built, LLC continue to make strides despite the cold, snowy weather. Projects are on time and within budget!

Quality remodeling contractors must take proper preparation to provide exterior renovations year-round as construction of an addition during the winter months is certainly more complicated for several reasons:

  • Excavation should be complete prior to ground freezing.
  • Concrete plants must use warm water as well as chemical additives when mixing the cement.
  • Provisions must be made for temporary heat and area enclosed from winter elements.
  • Area must continually be cleaned of snow.
  • Contingency days must be planned for due to inclement weather.
  • Provisions must be made to protect exposed water lines from freezing and keeping the house insulated.
  • Traveling to and from the job can be treacherous and time consuming.
  • Dealing with ice damming gutters.

Despite these complications, the cold weather seams to bring the “he man” out of the team. The Titus Built Team is enjoying the project as they brave these cold winter blasts!

Below are some progress photos of the family room addition in Ridgefield, Connecticut:

Family Room Addition 1
Family Room Addition 2
Family Room Addition 3
Family Room Addition 4
Family Room Addition 5
Family Room Addition 6

Stay tuned for progress updates on the family room addition in Ridgefield, Connecticut!