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Embrace the Art of Living with Multi-Purpose Rooms

Laundry Room Hidden in Kitchen Cabinets(2)

Laundry Room Hidden in Kitchen Cabinets 

Front Load Washer & Dryer


The need for multi-purpose rooms is usually associated with small homes, but according to aProcter and Gamble survey today the average American woman spends seven to nine hours a week on laundry.  And, according to an ICPS Family Study on dual-wage families, “women devote an average of 28-29 hrs/week to all household duties combined, while men’s contributions range from 15.57 to 19.39 hrs/week, depending on whether the man himself, or his spouse is reporting.” Whether you agree with these reports, or not, we live busier lives and need to multitask to accomplish our daily responsibilities and spend time with our families.

 Embrace the art of living by allowing one room to serve many purposes. Below are photos of several multi-purpose rooms to allow you to multitask and enjoy your family at the same time.

Kitchen and Family Room Combination(1)

Kitchen & Family Room Combination

Office in Kitchen or Family Room Closet

Office in Kitchen or Family Room Closet

Playroom & Workout Room Combination

Playroom & Workout Room Combination

Kitchen Pantry & Mudroom Combined

 Pantry & Mudroom Combination

Located between garage and kitchen

When architectural design is done right, rooms are configured to fit in your existing home by utilizing the space to its maximum potential. These multi-purposes rooms help you to enjoy a less stressful life.