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Remodeling with Green Design and Products: What Does “Green” Really Mean?

Energy-Efficient Homes


 Many of our clients express an interest in “green” building, but there is often some confusion about what the term really signifies. What does “green” mean to you? Is going green an important principle in your life, worth extra time and possible expense? Or, do you dabble in “going green,” appreciating both the environmental benefits and trendiness of a hybrid car, for instance, while not changing too many other areas of your life? Is a healthier and less wasteful lifestyle of primary concern as you decide upon green practices? Whether you are looking to save the environment or just save some money, there are many ways you can do both!

Increasing your home’s energy performance can provide your family with more comfort and lower utility bills. New, cost-effective products reduce heating and cooling expenses, lower energy bills, and decrease water usage. Recent developments in design products and systems for walls, roofs, foundations, windows, and doors can also save you money while conserving natural resources. When you decide to remodel or build your new home, consider these practical innovations during the design process. Keep in mind that even old homes can integrate green building principles.

Along with many exciting new products on the market, Energy Star has pledged in their new campaign to “Change the World” with their state-of-the-art environmental practices and products. Energy Star products are known for saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Visit the Energy Star website to learn more -http://www.energystar.gov/.

Titus Built currently uses these methods to build green into every project:

·  Engineered lumber
·  High performance windows
·  Energy Star appliances
·  High performance insulation for less heat loss/gain
·  House wrap for reduced air loss
·  High efficiency heating and cooling systems for energy
   savings and health benefits
·  Use of programmable t-stats and lighting controls
·  We reduce waste and recycle materials to charities
·  We attempt to buy supplies locally whenever possible to
   reduce our carbon imprint
·  Our office uses energy efficient fluorescent lighting,
   recycled copy paper, recycle plastic/cans/cardboard

Titus Built is committed to balancing design aesthetics using new green products and technology. If you are interested in implementing even more green and sustainable building products in your home, ask us for details!