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Why Choose a Design-Build Contractor For Your Next Remodeling Project?


Did you know that a typical $250k remodeling project can require…

  • Three to five months to properly plan and design before construction begins…
  • Thousands of decisions regarding design, planning and production…
  • Coordination of up to 30 trades, numerous supply vendors and town officials…
  • More than 100 individuals to work on and/or visit the job site during the project durations?

When you choose a design-build firm, you gain the advantage of working with just one source for your remodeling project.

Penn State University Study Proves Benefits of Design-Build Process

Victor Sanvido, Head of Penn State University’s Construction Program and Mark Konchar, a Penn State research scholar completed a nationwide study comparing the three principal project delivery systems used by the U.S. building industry. The study examined 351 projects in 37 States to compare costs, schedule and quality performance. The three delivery systems were: design-build, construction management-at-risk and architect-bid-build projects. The construction management-at-risk firms took 13.3% less time and were 1.6% less costly than the architect-bid-build projects, but there was a dramatic advantage to the design-build firms:

  • Design-build projects were completed 33% faster
  • Design-build projects were 6% less expensive
  • The design-build method was tops in the quality measurements

For a complete copy of the study, please contact:

The Project Delivery Institute
PO Box 1142
State College, PA 16804

Next time you remodel, remember to choose a design-build remodeling firm… it’s the foundation of your successful remodeling project.