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Featured Project: More Room for a Growing Family, While Retaining Queen Anne’s Integrity


Rick and Maura wanted more room in their Westport, CT home to accommodate their three growing children and make the whole family more comfortable. At the same time, it was important to them to maintain the integrity of their 1914 house. They wanted the remodel to look as if it had always been a part of their home, which they purchased in 1997. The Westport couple heard about Titus Built from a friend who had a positive experience with the company, and they learned that Titus Built specialized in exactly the kind of work they were seeking.

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During preliminary meetings with Titus Built, Rick was impressed by the thoroughness of Titus Built’s proposal and bidding process. “Titus Built scored very high with us during the bidding portion of the project,” says Rick, “We were struck by the thoughtfulness of their proposal. It was clear they had a depth of experience with the detailed, carefully considered work we needed.”Titus Built designed and built a 1-1/2 story addition, including a family room and additional living areas, to the back of the Westport couple’s home. Working with Titus Built’s design-build service model was one of the most positive aspects of the project, according to Rick. “The process was very organized and easier for us, because of the ‘soup to nuts’ services from one company. We didn’t have to act as a bridge between a designer, a builder, and an architect.”

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Rick considers working with Titus Built a good value and a positive experience. “The process was very tight and professional. Titus Built showed excellent control with their sub-contractors, and each phase of the project was well run.” The Westport couple found that working with Titus Built gave them the same quality and level of service they would receive from a high-end architect, but with the convenience of working with one firm, from start to finish.

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As for the Westport couple’s primary concern that their 1914 home retain its design integrity? “On a scale of 1-10 for architectural aesthetic, I would give Titus Built a 12,” says Rick.

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